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Environmental Engineering and Science

Enkon leads the way in environmental engineering consulting. Our vision in creating environmental engineering solutions is on reducing waste and emissions in a cost-effective and efficient manner that provides long-term benefits to both our client and the community.

Enkon has established many standards in the application of science and engineering principles to improve the environment (i.e air, water, land resources etc.,), to provide healthy water, air and land for habitable areas in infrastructure projects, township projects, housing estates and commercial projects.

Ekon has a good amount of exposure and knowledge in environmental engineering law.

We provide following Engineering consultancy Services :

  • Development of Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Management
  • Energy Conservation
  • Environmental & Waste Auditing
  • Greenbuilding Response
  • Waste Minimisation & Management
  • Water Resources
  • Water and air pollution control
  • Waste disposal and management
  • Industrial waste water treatment
  • Automobile exhaust
  • Air quality management

Environmental Planning :

  • Review of Environmental Engineering and factors
  • Environmental Impact Assessment study
  • Community Consultation
  • Environmental Approvals & Licensing

Environmental Infrastructure :

  • Wastewater Treatment/Reuse
  • Waste to Energy
  • Stormwater Systems
  • Alternative Waste Technology